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Enabling Every Sales Channel

We have helped over 300 B2B companies implement their 'big ideas' for driving growth through Playbooks, training, and reinforcement. These client specific Playbooks are the foundation for experiential training that build momentum and lead to mastery.

Insights based on client experience

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Provide clarity on where to go, who to engage, and what to sell

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Enable a consistent compelling conversation with customers

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Define the practices, roles, tools, and metrics for successful sales execution

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Equip sales managers to operate as coaches and change agents

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Latest Insights

  • Leading an Executive Conversation Thursday, February 9, 2017
    In our work, we meet a lot of sales and marketing leaders who are puzzled as to why their salespeople avoid conversations with executives and miss all the potential benefits those conversations might...
  • Learning How to Lead a Better Sales Conversation Thursday, February 2, 2017
    Companies are always looking to have more effective customer conversations. To achieve this, salespeople generally go through annual product training, but seldom do they retain knowledge from this ki...

Create Content

We create sales education and customer-facing assets that enable insight selling conversations.

Build Playbooks

We build sales messaging playbooks that provide what to know, what to say, and what to show in a given selling scenario.

Develop Skills

We deliver training programs that equip sales people with the confidence and ability to lead a compelling dialogue.

Clients in Action

Peek into any content development workshop or training session led by DSG and you find people engaged, learning from each other, creating new ideas and moving forward. Every week, DSG facilitators and playbook creators are on the ground working with clients all over the globe. Favorite locations in 2014 have included Seattle, Abu Dhabi, St. Petersburg, Singapore, Geneva, Stockholm, London, Rio, and Toronto.

We'd love to hear from you! Set up a meeting to see content, playbooks, and training approaches that are relevant to your sales enablement priorities.

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