Director of Finance Job Description

Do you have a passion for data-driven decisions and business intelligence?

Financial Responsibilities

  • Leading all aspects of corporate accounting including developing, implementing and maintaining accounting and administrative policies and procedures
  • Developing ongoing reporting (Monthly, Quarterly, Annual) packages for banking and investment partners
  • Developing and finalizing the annual budget with DSG Leadership team and Board of Directors
  • Overseeing all financial operations (banking, billing, collections, payables, payroll, 401K, etc.)
  • Overseeing audit and tax functions including coordinating activities with outside firms
  • Overseeing employee insurance & benefit programs, banking relationships and payroll with outside firms
  • Providing leadership to DSG ‘Manager of Operations’ position with activities including HR, IT, office administration, billings, collections, and payables


Business Intelligence

  • Coordinating, analyzing and reporting financial performance to DSG Leadership team and Board of Directors
  • Developing business performance analysis including but not limited to:
    • Capacity: Determining delivery capacity requirements based on current and projected workloads and make recommendations for hiring or streamlining by role
    • Customer: Understanding how DSG’s results are impacted by different categories of customers (e.g. based on revenue contribution, based on customer size, based on customer industry, based on services purchased, etc.)
    • Pipeline: Assessing pipeline health and quality based on historical and current data
    • Forecast: Projecting the financial forecast based on historical and current data
    • Revenue: Analyzing revenue trends at a macro level and by service offering to identify business insights that could inform sales, marketing, and delivery decisions
    • Profitability: Analyzing the sources and drivers of DSG’s profitability at macro level and by service offering to identify business insights
    • vPlaybook: Developing insights on vPlaybook web app renewals, revenue drivers, and profitability


B.A. or B.S.,

7-10 years' 
experience preferred

Experience working for
or with a growth company

Passion for getting things done,
and an appreciation for details


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Company Profile

DSG is a management consulting firm that has specialized in sales and marketing enablement for the past 25 years. Executive teams engage DSG to enable their sales channels to effectively implement new growth strategies. DSG’s services include consulting, playbook development, training, and change management across four core practice areas: strategy, messaging, process and leadership. DSG clients include Adobe, Comcast, Thomson Reuters, GE, SAP, LinkedIn, Xerox, FedEx, Honeywell, and Siemens. DSG’s growth rate has been an average of 20% per year since 2010 based on increasing market demand, innovative new products like the “vPlaybook” web app, new services including rich media development, and ongoing investments in sales and marketing.

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