RES is a software company that enables and secures digital workspaces.

Key Stakeholders
CEO, Al Monserrat
CMO, Tracey Mustacchio
VP of Products, Stacy Leidwinger
VP Americas, Gene Bonacci
VP EMEA, Carsten Thomsen
Director Sales Enablement, Eddie van Ravesteijn

Software Company Transforms Sales Engagement Approach



New leadership at RES wanted to transform the global sales process, drive predictable growth, and align sales and marketing around the ideal sales engagement approach.



Create Consistent Sales Messaging

Align marketing and sales across every geography around a compelling sales message that will enable sales to influence the customer buying process.

Adopt Common Sales Disciplines

Transform the global sales process to drive more predictable growth

Accelerate Change through Sales Coaching

Reinforce new sales behaviors through effective sales coaching practices

“One important piece of our DSG partnership is the agreement that the more successful we are as a company through the enablement, tools, and processes, the more successful DSG is as well.”

Al Monserrat, CEO



  • Collaborative Development Workshops: Established cross-functional teams who participated in a series of workshops to identity best practice, and create new content
  • vPlaybooks: Creation of a Sales Messaging Playbook, Sales Coaching Playbook, and Sales Process Playbook to guide the global sales team. DSG also equipped RES to build out vPlaybooks for additional areas including industry, competitive, and channel partners.
  • Whiteboard: Established a simple message and a visual selling framework for leading executive level conversations with new targeted roles
  • Launch: Global roll-out of the new sales process, messaging, and sales coaching framework through experiential training sessions
  • New Hire Training:  Equipped a RES facilitator to run new hire boot camps
  • Sustain: Manager enablement including opportunity reviews, review of new content, planning and facilitation of ongoing sales enablement sessions

“A key to success has been our team’s acceptance of the vPlaybook web app. The ease with which the playbooks are maintained, the engagement the app creates between our team, our partners, and our customers is extraordinary.”

Al Monserrat, CEO

DSG Insight

Specific contributions by DSG that accelerated sales momentum at RES:

  • DSG’s unique partnership with Marketing, Sales, and Product as an objective 3rd party served as a catalyst for getting the teams on the same page relative to new sales messaging, coaching, and process.
  • DSG has extensive industry experience in their space, and brought expertise and fresh ideas on simplifying RES’ complex sales message.
  • DSG drove sales leadership change and worked closely with sales leaders to drive consistent coaching of sales reps.



RES increased revenue 35% YoY in the first year of the engagement. The process has led to increased deal sizes, more repeatable sales cycles, and shorter sales cycles. This transformation created an interactive conversation with prospects transforming the selling process from a product presentation to a solution conversation.

“With DSG we were able to align sales and marketing. The most significant business outcomes were greater predictability and increased revenue of 35% year over year.”

Tracy Mustacchio, CMO

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