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Creating Differentiation through Value-Based Sales

Enterprise Holdings sought to differentiate their solution, drive renewals, and accelerate new customer acquisition in a price competitive market.

Driving Growth through Sales Excellence

SITA made the decision to drive growth through enhanced sales capabilities while facing an increasingly complex customer world and aggressive competition.

Shifting to an Insight-Based Sales Approach

A division of Ingersoll Rand was making the shift from selling products to selling services and solutions through insight based conversations.

Aligning Sales & Marketing for Revenue Transformation

RES Software aligned sales and marketing around a new sales engagement approach to accelerate revenue growth.


“DSG led the facilitation of a much needed consensus from those on the team that have very strong ideas on Acxiom’s messaging and our overall sales engagement strategy. Through a series of in-person workshops and virtual collaboration, we landed on an approach that will enable our field organization with a more effective story aimed at the executive level.”
Endorsements acxiom duncanmccain
VP of Marketing
Endorsements citrix almonserrat
Al Monserrat
SVP, Sales and Services
“DSG is a key resource I look to for insights and perspective on both sales and sales leadership effectiveness. DSG is the sales strategy and methodology expert we leverage to equip our global sales team. Over the past 8 years of sustained growth and expansion, DSG has been a committed partner on a broad range of strategic and tactical sales enablement projects and I truly consider them part of my team.”
“The DSG team brought significant thought leadership and helped keep our varied constituencies aligned. We had the market research but DSG helped us extract useful insight and define our unique competitive advantage. On behalf of the leadership team at Boeing Commercial Aircraft, we are grateful for your help extending Boeing’s market position.”
Endorsements piasecki
EVP, Business Strategy & Marketing, Commercial
Endorsements tableau barrysowerwine
SVP Enterprise Sales
“We needed to solve two problems: learning how to sell to an executive audience and rapidly on boarding hundreds of new salespeople over a two-year period. DSG helped Tableau distill our story into a whiteboard that engaged executives through a clear, concise and compelling conversation vs. trying to get a demo.”
“Last year we had our most profitable year ever and we also created the highest market share ever. The DSG program was a key contributor to this success through the structure and the processes and the “Recipe Books” we implemented in collaboration with their team.”
Endorsements raymond chuckpascarelli
Chuck Pascarelli
President, Sales & Marketing Division
Endorsements inttra sandramoran
Sandra Moran
VP Industry & Product Marketing
“DSG facilitates and extracts information from the company, but it is the way that they go about doing it, the way the information is organized and presented back to the sales force that is unique. It’s proven. t eliminates so much of the risk from a sales enablement program.”
“We knew the factors that were putting pressure on our business and where we needed to go, but DSG helped us get there faster and make the results sustainable. Over the years, we’ve come to really appreciate DSG’s flexible platform for sales enablement which we’ve been able to evolve as our market conditions continue to change.”
Endorsements ansell raymorris
Director of Sales Development
Endorsements compucom roccomusumeche
Rocco Musumeche
SVP of New Business Development
“On the results side, our pipeline grew as a direct result of the sales associates being able lead a dialogue with customers that challenges their thinking and clearly differentiates CompuCom. In addition to pipeline growth, our win rate has risen sharply based on complete adoption of the new qualification framework which helps the field stay focused on the right opportunities and ignore the rest.”
“We had a great year from a sales perspective, and one of the contributing factors was the creation of the enterprise messaging playbook and training. A critical outcome was the clear acceleration of new hire on boarding as our new hires quickly learned how to deliver the Opower story.”
Endorsements opower ogikavazovic
Ogi Kavazovic
VP of Strategy & Marketing
Endorsements gilbane denniscornick
Dennis Cornick
EVP Sales & Marketing
“DSG took more time than their competitors to understand our business and what was important to us in this initiative. Then they came back and developed an approach and a detailed plan that we refined and validated together.”
“DSG customized a solution and met us where we were instead of forcing us to meet them where they were. The DSG approach allowed their team to understand our current state and customize processes that standardized while uniquely uplifting our teams in each region.”
Endorsements itt logo
Rick Catoe
Director of NA Sales
Endorsements waters alextisserand
Alex Tisserand
Managing Director, Sales Development & Support
“We normally start talking to the sales force, most of the time about the product itself and then after that talk about the customer and why they need the product. With the new methodology created with DSG, we have changed the way we talk to customers. Starting from the customer’s world and relevant Waters insights we go on to talk about the expected results. Only then do we talk about the solution and the product.”
“The number of meetings with the right decision makers has increased sharply. Our pipeline and bookings forecast is stronger. Our win rate in head-to-head competitive deals is much higher. Our sales force is more confident than they have ever been because they are better prepared to compete and win.”
Endorsements webtrends michaelgear
VP Sales
Endorsements telepacific rebeccarosen
Sr. Director of Marketing Communications & Training
“In the ideal world, DSG is part of your management team. Because it’s so easy to get buried in the details of day-to-day operations, we needed a Partner like DSG that would challenge us and bring a fresh perspective on how to enable our sales channels. DSG’s professionalism, insight, and collaborative approach have proven to be the right mix of ingredients for growing our business and developing our people.”
“We initially engaged DSG based on their approach to whiteboarding. Our sales force was comfortable selling legacy products and we needed a catalyst for enabling the field to position new products and a more comprehensive sales message. DSG helped us convert our best ideas into a whiteboard framework and a practical messaging tools that proved to be exactly the accelerator we needed.”
Endorsements aspect mikesheridan
EVP Worldwide Sales
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