Does Your Company Have a Sales Leadership Culture?

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Most B2B companies care about and invest in their sales culture, but often forget the importance of building a sales leadership culture. Their best sales reps are promoted into a sales management positions, but continue to focus on all the activities they did so well as a sales rep, like closing deals. Meanwhile, only the top performers on the sales team are doing well, and the rest are just supporting the manager. No one taught the sales manager how to enable the sales team to generate higher revenue by focusing on coaching, leading, and developing their sales team.

Sanner web1By Sanner Patton

A Competency Model for Selling in the Digital Age

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Anthropologists are looking carefully at signs of evolution, caused by changes to the fitness landscape brought about by the digital revolution. Right before our eyes, we can see a new species emerge. The new species of salesperson is outselling the older ones. Move over, Homo Salesii. Make room for the Homo Digitalis Salesus.

Gaurav webBy Gaurav Rastogi

Coaching to Sales Strategy Implementation

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So your strategy is right. Your messaging is right. And you feel great about your sales process. What is your plan for sales leadership and coaching? We all know you can nail the strategy. It can be truly compelling messaging. It can be a well-defined process that is fully integrated into your CRM system. But, implementation of your growth initiative is at risk if managers don’t coach to and reinforce your messaging and processes.

Heather webBy Heather Easterday

I Want to be a Rock Star: Sales Coaching Tips from Nashville's Music Industry

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Sales coaching is filled with lessons from the world of sports. We decided it was time for some new insights, so we went to an unlikely source to gain new perspective on how to coach to sales conversation success….the music industry.

Rachel web2017By Rachel Bodayle

Attack and Defend: Coaching Your Sales Team to a Win

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While sports analogies abound in business, soccer provides rather direct lessons for sales teams. The basics of attack and defend are core to coaching soccer and should be core to coaching sales reps.

Heather webBy Heather Easterday
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