Sales Enablement for Vertically Aligned Selling

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Sales needs to know your company is committed to the change to sell with deeper insight into specific industries. We often see sales teams ignore the strategy thinking it’s a new “flavor of the month.”

Timklein webBy Tim Klein

Sales Enablement for Selling Integrated Solutions

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Your salespeople may be great at selling individual products, but how do you get the team up to speed telling a broader story? Your salespeople need to become more strategic in how they engage customers, but their comfort zone is selling individual products. Selling an integrated solution requires changing who sales people talk to and how they talk to them.

Trey webBy Trey Gibeault

Sales Enablement for Launching a New Product

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Creating new product or service offerings is one of the most common growth strategies. New offerings are often created in response to competitive pressures, gaps in the marketplace, or new technologies that enable greater innovation. Here are some best practices and worst practices for launching a new product.

Tanner web2017By Tanner Mezel

3 Actionable Ways to Align Sales & Marketing

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Marketing and sales often live in different worlds. Marketing’s day-to-day focuses on strategies, campaigns, and demand generation. Sales lives in deals, opportunities, and customers. Marketing typically has a list of content they want to create. While sales has a different list of resources needed for sales conversations. So how can you bring these two groups from different worlds together?

Rachel web2017By Rachel Bodayle

Sales Process Playbook vs Sales Messaging Playbook

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A common mistake is viewing sales playbooks as primarily about what to do – defining sales processes, planning disciples that will enable a “specific play” or help a new sales person get on-boarded.

Many sales playbooks heavily emphasize “What to Know” and “What to Do” like a tactical sports playbook. That is good information, however, focusing solely on process only partially equips salespeople for their daily activities.

Matt web2017By Matt McClendon
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