What is a Sales Playbook?

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So what is a sales playbook? Let's start with what a sales playbook isn't. A sales playbook is not a 90-page PDF with every possible detail a salesperson might need to know about a product, solution or industry. Marketers and product leaders often find that salespeople don't access that type of “playbook” for a number of reasons including the challenging nature of finding the right content and lack of attention span.

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Sales Process Playbook vs Sales Messaging Playbook

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A common mistake is viewing sales playbooks as primarily about what to do – defining sales processes, planning disciples that will enable a “specific play” or help a new sales person get on-boarded.

Many sales playbooks heavily emphasize “What to Know” and “What to Do” like a tactical sports playbook. That is good information, however, focusing solely on process only partially equips salespeople for their daily activities.

Matt web2017By Matt McClendon

Leading an Executive Conversation

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In our work, we meet a lot of sales and marketing leaders who are puzzled as to why their salespeople avoid conversations with executives and miss all the potential benefits those conversations might yield. Salespeople may have the ability to get the meeting, but they don’t feel as though they’re equipped with the right strategies to engage executives and provoke responses. PowerPoints are too dull, and interrogations don’t leave a great impression or elicit a positive response.

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Effective Sales Training

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Companies are spending 20 billion dollars a year on sales training, according to the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) – 20 billion! Yet almost ¾ of those companies say that they’re not getting the ROI they expect from their sales training. A large part of that is because companies are not responding to the trends and shifts in sales training. They’re not understanding how learning is happening today.

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Revolutionizing Sales Playbooks

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The following is a transcription from DSG’s recent webinar "Revolutionizing Sales Playbooks" featuring Sharon Little, Sales Enablement Analyst at SiriusDecisions and Tanner Mezel, VP of Strategy & Marketing at DSG. Or, you can watch the webinar recording. The following has been edited and condensed for clarity. 

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