Sales Process Playbook vs Sales Messaging Playbook

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A common mistake is viewing sales playbooks as primarily about what to do – defining sales processes, planning disciples that will enable a “specific play” or help a new sales person get on-boarded.

Many sales playbooks heavily emphasize “What to Know” and “What to Do” like a tactical sports playbook. That is good information, however, focusing solely on process only partially equips salespeople for their daily activities.

Matt web2017By Matt McClendon

How Digital Disruption Is Changing the B2B Sales Process

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Digital Selling is transforming the process of selling. Sales teams now need to handle themselves very differently from even five years ago, and the next few years are going to be a turbulent time to be in sales as new patterns emerge. The old way of selling isn't going to be enough. Bruce Lee's movies used to be the guilty pleasure of my youth. Great martial arts action, lots of bad guys, and some cool kung fu. But Bruce Lee was also a philosopher, and he wrote his little stories into the script. 

Gaurav webBy Gaurav Rastogi

Creating Sales Playbooks for the Real World

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There is definitely a lot of complexity to this issue of aligning your sales channels with your growth initiatives. The 4 core areas that must be connected are strategy, messaging, process, and leadership. We find that when organizations take a step back and say “How do I make this growth initiative practical?”, they can accelerate the implementation of their best ideas.

Heather webBy Heather Easterday

Aligning Sales Process with Growth Goals

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Let’s assume the sales strategy is right. And the sales messaging is right. Have you aligned your sales process? Are the sales channels clear on “what to do” across the stages of the sales process? A sales process is a sales process. The real issue is whether or not your sales process and selling methodology is in alignment with your growth initiatives and go-to-market approach.

Heather webBy Heather Easterday

Sales & Marketing Alignment: Using the Customer Buying Process

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The Customer Buying Process can be a bridge that connects the marketing process to the selling process. At its core, the customer buying process is all about anticipating buying conversations and answering 4 questions for each conversation: WHO…the person that you are having a conversation with, their level in the organization, role, and specific responsibilities. Every conversation is unique. For example, a CIO conversation is nothing like a meeting with a CFO, which is completely different from a dialogue with a Line of Business Executive

Heather webBy Heather Easterday
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