Have You Started Planning for Sales Enablement in 2016?

Sales-Enablement-PlanningFor those of us on a calendar fiscal year, it's that time to begin planning for 2016. What will be the big ideas for driving growth? How will we enable our selling organization to align with those strategies?

We’re seeing a number of our clients begin the planning cycle in the September – October timeframe. If you're in a sales, marketing, or enablement function, here is a framework for thinking through sales enablement requirements tied to your specific big ideas for growth in 2016. Let’s say that your big idea is a new product launch, moving to a solutions approach, shifting to an insight selling model, or implementing a new go-to-market sales model, these 4 areas can help you decide what salespeople will need: 

What to Know: 

Clarity on the Sales Strategy?
Guidance on Targeted Call Points and Pain Points?
A Clear Ideal Customer Profile? 

What to Do:

Roles and Practices?
Best Discovery Approach?
A Repeatable Conversation Planning Tool?

What to Say:

New Talk Tracks?
Insights and Probing Discovery Questions?
Specific Customer Success Stories and Proof Points?

 What to Show: 

Slide Presentations?
Animated Models?
Animated Videos?

insight-sales-contentThink through sales enablement requirements against your big ideas from a salesperson's perspective. 

What will salespeople find useful and practical that will help them turn your growth strategies and big ideas into something actionable that they can go implement immediately in the field?



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