INFOGRAPHIC: Risk of Not Aligning Sales

When companies fail to build a bridge from their “big idea” strategy to the sales conversation, there’s a negative business impact. Not giving adequate attention to connecting strategy and branding to sales messaging results in a mix of these unpleasant results:

"The divide can look like a lot of finger pointing. Sales, marketing, and product teams believe they are delivering, but the reality is that they are not on the same page and haven’t agreed on a common approach on how we go to market in
an integrated way. I think that kind of misalignment is not uncommon, and it certainly isn’t healthy for a business." Dawn McPhail Sr. Director, Integrated Marketing, Brightspace by D2L

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  • Missed Opportunity for Sales Growth

    Sales misses opportunities when they stay focused on legacy products that they feel more comfortable with, or when sales reps stick with the “same old story” in customer conversations. 
  • Lack of Differentiation

    When reps start to talk about what makes your approach unique, the customer shouldn’t be left thinking, “Yeah, you and everyone else…” 
  • Inconsistent Sales Messaging

    A geographically diverse sales team shouldn’t mean sales conversations are all across the board.



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