Making Your Sales Messaging Have Real Meaning

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Have you seen this video of business jargon released by Weird Al? It all starts to sound a little too familiar, doesn’t it?

Everyone wants to sound credible and be taken seriously, especially when trying to meet with an executive audience. As salespeople, we have the tendency of trying to sound smart rather than just being confident that we have interesting perspectives, insights and experiences to share.

Richard web2017By Richard Ellis

What Insight Sales Conversations Look Like

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Insights don't exist alone... they are part of an overall conversation. So, what does an insightful sales conversation really look like? These conversations can take the shape of a couple different scenarios:

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4 Phrases to Start an Insight Sales Conversation

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What to Say in an Insight Selling Conversation:
Offering insight will begin with phrases like these:

"Here's what we're finding as we look at the retail industry…"
"In your situation, given our understanding of your current manufacturing or supply chain processes, I'm seeing these three opportunities..."
"Here's where you're at risk in comparison to your competition."
"Your competitors are doing A, B, and C. There are three different paths you can consider."

Tanner web2017By Tanner Mazel

What is Selling with Insight?

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Chances are, you are trying to drive your sales team to selling with insights. The first step to achieving this is the development of a team-wide understanding of selling with insight.

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You Perform Like You Practice ...and Practice Makes Your Sales Message Perfect

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It's too bad there's no World Cup of sales messaging. With such accolades tied to it, maybe it would be easier to encourage our teams (and ourselves) to practice our company's sales messaging. But, the reality is that getting sales messaging right is a big part of succeeding in your day-to-day

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