What is Selling with Insight?

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Chances are, you are trying to drive your sales team to selling with insights. The first step to achieving this is the development of a team-wide understanding of selling with insight.

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You Perform Like You Practice ...and Practice Makes Your Sales Message Perfect

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It's too bad there's no World Cup of sales messaging. With such accolades tied to it, maybe it would be easier to encourage our teams (and ourselves) to practice our company's sales messaging. But, the reality is that getting sales messaging right is a big part of succeeding in your day-to-day

Heather webBy Heather Easterday

3 Types of Companies that Benefit from Sales Process

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Most organizations recognize some need for a sales process, but recent research found that there is a divide between the use of sales process in high and low performing B2B sales companies. The Sales Management Association’s 2013 survey of 74 B2B sales companies shows that the use of sales process correlates with organizational performance. High performing companies are more likely to guide sales rep activity with formal sales processes, more likely to ensure that sales reps understand the sales processes the company implements and more likely to provide sales reps with adequate sales process training, according to the study.

Rachel web2017By Rachel Bodayle

Your Sales Process is Your Team's Operating System

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Most organizations invest heavily in packaged sales methodologies & training programs. Unfortunately, this investment of time and resources rarely translates into field adoption. Consider reframing the way you look at your organization’s sales process. Think of the sales process as an overarching operating system (OS) for all customer-based activities that your organization does. Sales process and an OS share strikingly similar qualities — both manage resources and streamline complexity.

Rachel web2017By Rachel Bodayle

Attack and Defend: Coaching Your Sales Team to a Win

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While sports analogies abound in business, soccer provides rather direct lessons for sales teams. The basics of attack and defend are core to coaching soccer and should be core to coaching sales reps.

Heather webBy Heather Easterday
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