What do top performing Sales Reps and a Superbowl Champion Quarterback have in common?

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The Seattle Seahawks’s impressive Super Bowl XLVIII win got Bruce Scheer, DSG consultant and Seahawks fan, thinking about how his football team’s winning strategy relates to the sales strategy he thinks on every day:

Bruce web2017By Bruce Scheer

Sales Transformation: A Practical Checklist

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How is that New Year’s Resolution going? Many people find that without support, it is difficult to keep momentum throughout the year - resulting in a bounty of abandoned resolutions.

In over twenty years experience consulting, DSG has seen similar struggles with sustaining sales transformation “big ideas” that come from the C-suite at the beginning of a year or quarter.

Rachel web2017By Rachel Bodayle

Changing Your Sales Culture for Better Differentiation

Have you had the realization that your business needs to change if it’s going to survive? What steps are you taking? For the industrial division of Ansell limited, the solution was to reinvent its position and culture to become a provider of solutions rather than just a product supplier. As manufacturers of occupational gloves, they were in danger of being displaced by the competition. But, Ansell took action, and so can you.

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Pursuing Executive Conversations: is it a question of access, or confidence?

Are you a sales/marketing leader who has been shocked to learn that your sales team has access to senior executives in one of your ‘top target accounts’, but simply choose not to pursue these conversations? Why does this happen? The fact is that many salespeople can get the ‘executive meeting’, but they don’t take it. Why not? One reason is that traditional approaches to executive conversations don’t work and salespeople know it. They’ve tried the presentation-based strategy which may result in a “Death by PowerPoint” experience, or a questions-based strategy which can result in “Death by 1K questions”. They’ve experienced the pain of an executive who becomes bored and uninterested. As a result, your sales team can lose confidence in your company’s story and the value of executive selling.

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What We Do

Many of DSG’s clients will have recently made a strategy change and they are clear on the ‘what.’ They have invested substantial time and money in their strategic direction and where the company should focus to drive growth.

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