Sales Transformation Keys to Success

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We’ve watched hundreds of B2B organizations succeed as well as fail at Sales Transformation. Sales Transformation cannot happen in organizations where leaders underestimate the level of change required or underinvest in Sales. Here’s our Top 10 list of how to get change management with Sales Enablement right:

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Creating Sales Playbooks for the Real World

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There is definitely a lot of complexity to this issue of aligning your sales channels with your growth initiatives. The 4 core areas that must be connected are strategy, messaging, process, and leadership. We find that when organizations take a step back and say “How do I make this growth initiative practical?”, they can accelerate the implementation of their best ideas.

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Coaching to Sales Strategy Implementation

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So your strategy is right. Your messaging is right. And you feel great about your sales process. What is your plan for sales leadership and coaching? We all know you can nail the strategy. It can be truly compelling messaging. It can be a well-defined process that is fully integrated into your CRM system. But, implementation of your growth initiative is at risk if managers don’t coach to and reinforce your messaging and processes.

Heather webBy Heather Easterday

Aligning Sales Process with Growth Goals

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Let’s assume the sales strategy is right. And the sales messaging is right. Have you aligned your sales process? Are the sales channels clear on “what to do” across the stages of the sales process? A sales process is a sales process. The real issue is whether or not your sales process and selling methodology is in alignment with your growth initiatives and go-to-market approach.

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Deploying Sales Strategy

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A new growth strategy creates lots of questions for the sales channels. Questions they may not even realize they should be asking. Questions we all need to be answering as we create a sales enablement roadmap that aligns the channels with the strategy. Let’s say the strategy change is centered on a new solution that’s truly a game changer in the market space and creates significant differentiation. Salespeople will be (or should be) asking a number of related questions: 

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