Aligning Sales Process with Growth Goals

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Let’s assume the sales strategy is right. And the sales messaging is right. Have you aligned your sales process? Are the sales channels clear on “what to do” across the stages of the sales process? A sales process is a sales process. The real issue is whether or not your sales process and selling methodology is in alignment with your growth initiatives and go-to-market approach.

Heather webBy Heather Easterday

Deploying Sales Strategy

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A new growth strategy creates lots of questions for the sales channels. Questions they may not even realize they should be asking. Questions we all need to be answering as we create a sales enablement roadmap that aligns the channels with the strategy. Let’s say the strategy change is centered on a new solution that’s truly a game changer in the market space and creates significant differentiation. Salespeople will be (or should be) asking a number of related questions: 

Heather webBy Heather Easterday

I Want to be a Rock Star: Sales Coaching Tips from Nashville's Music Industry

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Sales coaching is filled with lessons from the world of sports. We decided it was time for some new insights, so we went to an unlikely source to gain new perspective on how to coach to sales conversation success….the music industry.

Rachel web2017By Rachel Bodayle

5 Sales Messaging Lessons from Nashville Songwriters

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With many organization focused on selling with insight, there’s an acute interest in equipping sales teams to be better storytellers. Sales could learn a thing or two from legendary storytellers, the kind that move people to action, emotion, & devotion in only a few minutes’ time – songwriters.

Rachel web2017By Rachel Bodayle

Translating Sales Strategy Into Action

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We find that a lot of companies place big bets on strategies that absolutely cannot fail. Strategies that represent significant growth opportunities. Strategies like the launch of a new product. A shift from selling products to selling solutions. A strategic acquisition. New positioning. New markets. When major growth initiatives fail, it’s painful. The dollars invested cannot be recovered. The opportunity to gain a competitive advantage is lost. Some of the best talent may leave the company. Someone always gets blamed. 

Heather webBy Heather Easterday
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