INFOGRAPHIC: The Sales Conversation Divide

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What is your big idea for growth? The Sales, Marketing, and Product leaders we engage are continuously going to market with ideas to gain market share and drive revenue to the next level. Your big idea could be the launch of a strategic new product, a transition to selling integrated solutions, a focus on penetrating your top 3 industry segments, or aligning the sales conversation with new branding.

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Sales & Marketing Alignment: Building a Practical Bridge

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The natural tension between sales and marketing is not going to simply disappear. Marketing needs visibility into sales communications and influence on those communications. The field needs content and tools that are truly “conversation ready.” Organizational silos must be broken to deliver customers the information they need, when they need it. 

Heather webBy Heather Easterday

Sales & Marketing Alignment: Buying Conversation Examples

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The model below is a high level example of ‘Buying Conversation Map’ which is utilized to map out sales enablement requirements based on the customer buying process. Here is an example application of the model: If the ‘Who’ is a CFO and the ‘When’ is an Early Stage Discovery meeting, what might be the CFO’s purpose for that meeting? What would be the ideal outcome? Does the CFO sponsor our assessment process? The salesperson will need insight into industry trends to reframe that conversation and a whiteboard model that can be used to drive a business dialogue vs. presenting a PowerPoint deck or just asking lots of questions.

Heather webBy Heather Easterday

Sales & Marketing Alignment: Using the Customer Buying Process

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The Customer Buying Process can be a bridge that connects the marketing process to the selling process. At its core, the customer buying process is all about anticipating buying conversations and answering 4 questions for each conversation: WHO…the person that you are having a conversation with, their level in the organization, role, and specific responsibilities. Every conversation is unique. For example, a CIO conversation is nothing like a meeting with a CFO, which is completely different from a dialogue with a Line of Business Executive

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Sales & Marketing Alignment: What Bridges the Divide?

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Alignment between sales and marketing – elusive, but many organizations are successfully bridging the divide. We often hear comments from marketing leaders, such as: “We don’t know for sure what salespeople are actually showing customers.” “We don’t know whether sales people are actually using the corporate deck.” “We see sales presentations and cringe.” “We waste time producing materials that get ignored.” 

Heather webBy Heather Easterday
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