INFOGRAPHIC: Risk of Not Aligning Sales

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When companies fail to build a bridge from their “big idea” strategy to the sales conversation, there’s a negative business impact. Not giving adequate attention to connecting strategy and branding to sales messaging results in a mix of these unpleasant results: "The divide can look like a lot of finger pointing. Sales, marketing, and product teams believe they are delivering, but the reality is that they are not on the same page and haven’t agreed on a common approach on how we go to market in
an integrated way. I think that kind of misalignment is not uncommon, and it certainly isn’t healthy for a business." Dawn McPhail Sr. Director, Integrated Marketing, Brightspace by D2L

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DSG Sales Training Programs Awarded for Excellence

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We’re proud to announce that Training Industry included DSG in their 2015 Watchlist of movers and shakers in the sales training industry. “The closer you are to the company’s revenue, the more critical the investment in training is,” said Doug Harward, chief executive officer, Training Industry, Inc. “The watch list companies have embraced the opportunity to improve their company’s sales teams and sustain the impact of the change.”

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DSG and SAVO Partner on a Playbook Approach to Sales Enablement

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While sales organizations make large investments in sales processes, methodology, messaging and training, many sales teams quickly forget what to do and what they have learned after an initial launch event. SAVO Sales Process Pro provides companies with the technology to continuously reinforce and coach the right skills, content, and tools within the CRM system. DSG helps client organizations create the selling processes, coaching frameworks, and sales messaging that provide the fuel for enabling sales teams through SAVO Sales Process Pro.

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Sales Insight Roundup: Sales Transformation, IT Risk & Stress

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The sales insight roundup gathers news, research and provocations from thought leaders in sales and leadership. Here’s what we found interesting this week: 4 Reasons Why Executives Are Concerned About Digital Risk From Gartner Beyond the hype and hysteria in the press about cybersecurity threats, board members and senior executives are genuinely interested in the IT risks they currently face. This growing interest in IT risk is currently being driven by four consistent themes that we experience in our daily client interactions at Gartner. 

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Implementing Sales Enablement to Improve Revenue Predictability

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Implementation and Outcomes In our last blog, Sales Enablement Lessons on How to Improve Revenue Predictability, we considered a situation experienced by IT outsourcing company CompuCom. Their situation was all too familiar—new sources of business were in decline making it difficult to predict future revenue. CompuCom worked with DSG to create sales enablement tools addressing the issue.

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