Value of vPlaybook at Enterprise Holdings

Enterprise Holdings uses sales-friendly playbooks for meeting preparation and customer facing assets.

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The vPlaybook, for us, is more than just a resource for our salespeople. It's actually a tool that our salespeople can go and get customer-facing material from and then take that back in front of a customer. And it's not just handouts. It's not just, you know, pretty words on a paper. It's actually data that is impactful to our customer. It helps us tell our story better.


The vPlaybook, we felt, was very central to the success of this program on many levels. First and foremost, we've all been to events where we go home with a three-ring binder that we never open again, and it goes on a shelf, sits in our office, and it's not something we bring with us out into the field. So we know through the vPlaybook, we're able to bring that through our tablet, through our laptops, whatever medium you want to, and you can pull up the resources that are within that vPlaybook. And you'd literally on any given day, may call...one time you're calling a CFO, and the other time might be an operations person, might be HR. And all those calls are different. The vPlaybook sets up our salespeople to get refreshed every time they go into one of those calls to know how to have that conversation with that person, what matters to them, and do it with confidence.


The video aspect of the vPlaybook is super important to us because it actually shows our employees demonstrating how they're gonna go about a sales process, how they're going to methodically engage their customers in the sales process. We can actually show through video, a mock sales call. We can actually have our best leaders get face-to-face and have any of our salespeople be able to watch the best of the best within Enterprise as they would do a sales call.


The one thing that I found the most important about the vPlaybook for us as a company is the ability to see what our salespeople are gravitating to. We can see how many page views that each of our employees have, we can see what resources they're using within the Playbook. And this is really exciting for us from a managerial standpoint because it gives us access into what's important to our customers and what's important to our salespeople as they grow through this process.

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