Sales Leadership System

How do top B2B organizations get their top sales reps to be leader coaches? They establish a sales leadership system to equip new managers. 

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Video Transcript

Thinking about your salespeople, are they sales rock stars, or are they truly leader coaches?

Oftentimes, when sales reps are promoted to managers, they simply are unprepared. They understand what it takes to be a successful sales rep. That's how they got there in the first place. What they don't understand is how they succeed at being a successful sales manager. So, how are other B2B organizations moving their top sales reps to being true leader coaches?

The answer is very simple. They establish a sales leadership system. So what is that?

A sales leadership system helps define the practices, the tools, the training, as well as the metrics in four key areas: One, around strategic planning; two, in and around pipeline and forecast accuracy; three, team development to include both coaching, as well as training; and last but not least, sales effectiveness. We need to make sure that our managers understand what it takes in order to drive the results required to be successful.

In organizations we work with, we have seen how a true sales leadership system has taken that sales rock star manager, that's only focused on the deal, and transform them into a true leader coach, where they're not focused just on the deal, but focused on the overall success of their team.


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