A Sales Playbook Approach to Learning

75% of companies do not get the ROI they expect from sales training programs. When companies ignore the shifting trends in sales enablement, their sales training is less effective. Today's tech-savy sales reps need to be equipped with new skills and tools for the changing marketplace. Connect content and action by incorporating a sales playbook into your sales training methods.

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Video Transcript 

Companies are spending 20 billion dollars a year on sales training; 20 billion.  Yet almost ¾ of those companies say that they’re not getting the ROI they expect from their sales training.  A large part of that is because they’re not responding to the trends and shifts in sales training.  They’re not understanding how learning is happening today.

Shifts are going from classroom learning, to more of a blended approach.  It’s no longer feasible for everyone to always be in the same room, and on line learning …a mix of the 2 … provides a much better option.

Also, there are savvier reps entering the marketplace.  They’re used to technology.  They expect things to be tech-based, e-learning-based, and ready to go whenever they’re ready to learn.

There’s a shift in the skills that we’re needing in the workplace.  They now have to be able to go in and be provocative.  They have to deliver insights.  That takes a whole new set of skills, a set of skills we’re not necessarily equipped to deliver.

Where do we start?  We start by looking at how our reps learn.  They learn by seeing their peers; seeing what works, what doesn’t work, taking that into their own knowledge base.  They learn by watching best practices, whether that’s watching a sales call, whether that’s in a classroom, whether that’s through e-learning videos.  They learn by experiencing best practices through interactive learning, that gets them involved in a process.  They learn by putting all that they’ve learned, into action; being able to have sales-ready tools that are just in time, ready to equip them, and instantly be taken into the field.

Accomplishing that requires two things: connecting content and action.  The best way to do that is through a playbook.  A playbook helps to take all of the good best practice content that you have, along with videos and other tools, putting them all together in one place, so that it really does address all of the ways your people learn, and addresses all of those shifts we talked about, that are taking place in training and development.

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