AOC Story

DSG has an ongoing pro bono sales consulting project with Ambassadors of Compassion. Watch the story. 

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Video Transcript 

As we develop the AOC program, we had a lot of passion a lot of vision, how we wanted to impact the lives of students. But we had no idea that we would actually be taking a product and implementing into public schools in a way that had to be presented, had to be sold, and had to be serviced and to be able to do that we needed a measured way to consistently implement that, and that's where we really found that the vPlaybook became a very very powerful tool for us today and even as we consider how we grow for the future.

Every company needs a “why,” so why do you exist? And for DSG we exist to help companies implement their “big ideas” for growth. And our team really valued, wanted to take that experience and expertise and leverage it for nonprofit. So in a pro bono way, how could we come alongside an organization with a “big idea” and create enablement for that organization? So we're able to harness the full spectrum of DSG resources including two consulting principals, our design team, editing, our full rich media department, in order to put together a high-impact sales messaging playbook.

There are a lot of programs and a lot of great intentions about helping kids in schools. What was different, and is different, about AOC is that they had an approach which had been verified as effective in building resiliency among kids. A third party is saying this really works. So then it becomes a question of how do we scale this? So, through the whiteboard approach among others, we were able to take that into some easy visuals that prompted a conversation.

So our playbook approach and playbook has really helped AOC have better selling conversations from the people who are already there, to especially their new market directors, helping them ramp quickly and have more effective selling conversations.

The training we have learned and actually been able to implement within our team across the country is how to have a clear consistent message, be able to shape that for our different audiences and not be afraid in the nonprofit context to talk about a close and completing the deal -  which is really real important and that has actually shaped the DNA of our culture, and is really making a difference for us today.


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