Are Your Playbooks Sales Ready?

Salespeople are looking for insightful content to use in customer conversations. What’s in your sales playbook? Too often we see text-based, buzzword-filled information that is not a current or compelling resource for Sales teams. However, when an organization creates an interactive sales playbook filled with current and compelling content the sales playbook can become the “just-in-time” resource salespeople need for success.

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Video Transcript 

Have you thought about why your salespeople are not using your current sales playbooks? Perhaps it's like one of our recent IT clients that we've worked with. They sent over some of their existing playbooks, and what we found was PDFs hundred pages, ninety percent of it text based, all at 10 point font. No videos. No interactivity. They were frustrated because it wasn't being used, and they were ready for a fresh approach.

This scenario is all too common, sales playbooks are not being used for one of three reasons. The first reason is the content is not current and salespeople are looking for the latest greatest content. And if they find content that is stale, and it's old, and it's generic, they're going to start making up messaging on their own. And I call that ad hoc messaging.

The second reason playbooks are not being used is because the content is not compelling. Salespeople are looking for content that is rich, it's meaningful, it's insightful around the trends and the competitive responses. And what they find instead is content that is generic. It’s weak. It's more product and marketing focused with buzz words and jargons instead of real words a salesperson would actually say.

the third reason the playbooks aren't being used is because they're not being coached to, and sales managers need to coach and reinforce a tool to really effectively get the most benefit out of it. But if I'm a sales manager, would I coach to a tool that was neither current nor compelling?

Finally by creating a coaching plan to go with the playbook, we can capture the best questions to ask to help us prepare for the conversations. And if you take all that work and package it with video and animation and voiceover, what comes out is not only compelling. but it’s interactive, and your sales team will use it because it's sales ready.

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