Clone Top Performers with Sales Playbooks

A playbook approach to sales enablement means packaging practical guides for leading a meaningful customer dialogue.

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One of the common questions we get is how do we clone our top performers? What is contributing to their success out in the field? And so, over the last 20 years, we've developed a proven process that begins with discovery.


So we'll come alongside your top performers in the field, your subject matter experts, and really discover what are those key ideas. We'll take that perspective into a workshop, so the second step is all around debating those ideas, sales, marketing, product, all together around the table. Our team will have a facilitator, we'll have a playbook creator, a writer, and we'll have a rich media team to capture that.


And coming out of that workshop, we'll have our first version of a playbook that you can use to validate across your internal team, so people respond to an existing set of content and tools, and they can help improve it, make it better. You can begin to test that with customers, get their feedback, and we can get you to a world-class playbook in a faster way, and then also with a better outcome.

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