Continuous Enablement at HSA Bank

Hear how HSA Bank drove adoption of a new selling system with DSG’s Continuous Enablement.

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Video Transcript

That's where a lot of companies, I think, fall short. Is they think, "Oh, I'm hiring somebody to come in and help me craft a sales process and help me create that solution so that I can take it to the sales team, and I train people and magically that's, that's success." That's not what DSG does at all. In fact, a lot of our SOW costs were the ongoing reinforcement, which is a critical component that ongoing reinforcement, that ongoing interaction with the managers, the sales team, the different components of the organization, that's really where you take that and indoctrinate it into culture.

The consistency of having DSG engaged throughout the next year, whether it's newsletters or additional content or training opportunities, or even involved in coaching opportunities, that at an individual level, meant a lot to not just rolling it out, but getting change adopted which takes time. And so by having DSG available as a resource throughout that next year has been fantastic.

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