Continuous Sales Enablement

Achieve lasting business impact with continuous sales enablement. Continuous sales enablement means constant training and development of salespeople against your strategies. Many of our clients see success focusing on one topic like “get the meeting” for a 60-day cycle.  

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Video Transcript

Let's talk about an idea that we refer to as continuous sales enablement which is very different from traditional sales enablement which might revolve around delivery of your sales content and tools through a platform, which is good thing, and in person or virtual training events that are point in time, which are also a good thing, but you can get stuck with a very limited view of enablement versus what we call continuous sales enablement that really it's just constant training and development of salespeople against your strategies. How to sell your new products. How to deliver new messages. How to sell the platform. How to sell with insight. And so whatever those big ideas are for your company and how you're going to grow, you want to build continuous enablement around those ideas. And really it all comes down to a plan and a calendar. And what we find is there's a simple concept of topics that for 60 days cycles salespeople are going to engage around a single topic, not 20 topics

And so let’s just say that for example the topic is “get the meeting.” If “get the meeting” is what we're going to focus on for 60 days, think about a set of integrated very connected activities that happen that enable salespeople to get to mastery for that topic. So the first action might be on-demand training - could be Brainshark that goes out with 15 minutes of content. The second component, maybe week two, is for managers a “training in a box.” They bring their sales people together, they go through four or five slides. They have good discussion about “get the meeting” and it ends with the third step which is the challenge. And the challenge is, you know, sales people we're going to go out and we're going to do these two or three activities. We're going to get this number of meetings and we're going to build momentum. And then the fourth action might be Virtual Training - maybe just a webinar and sales people are going to hear from peers who have actually had some success. They're going to maybe hear from senior leadership just reminding and motivating and giving vision, they might get some additional training, maybe the fifth week or so we're rolling out a bulletin. And the bulletin might be a video based bulletin. It might be a written bulletin but it's additional reminders. It's tips. It's best practices. It's the links to content they can use and the final step is just the mastery component - where maybe it's a certification guide. Maybe it's a coaching guide but it's something simple that a manager can use to say “my sales people got across the finish line for this topic.”

What we're finding is that organizations that embrace continuous enablement, their salespeople are finding a ton of value and it's just so meaningful and as an organization we get to lasting impact on the business.

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