Customer Facing Content

Animated videos help sales people set themselves apart during a customer meeting or as material pre call and post meeting. Sharing the right video at the right time can make an insight stick and a sales message come alive.

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Video Transcript

We have a lot of sympathy for Product leaders, Marketers, those in Sales Enablement that are constantly being pushed for more. Salespeople that want more content, more tools for their sales conversations, and we help organizations create customer-facing assets that drive sales conversations forward.

First of all, we help create assets that are the hook. So the initial email content, the infographic, the video that's animated like what you're watching right now. That gets their attention and causes them to think I want to have a meeting with that sales person. Secondly, it's the conversation prompter, so you're in a sales conversation and it needs to connect emotionally,  connect to their business, what tools will accomplish that -  one's a whiteboard. So a whiteboard that you would draw on the customers whiteboard, or flip chart, or legal pad to lead the conversation. It could be a ROI calculator. It could be a couple of slides -  not 10 not 15, but three or four slides that are visual that create that dialogue and move that conversation forward in the context of that discrete meeting.

Finally it's the leave behind. You're going to leave that meeting as a salesperson and you're going to want to give them something that they can go deeper into that might be an e-book, that might be a white paper, that might be a collection of video assets, but what do you give them at the end of that conversation that will cause them to want to continue that dialogue and continue that buying process? We can support your efforts to create and package and produce these assets.

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