Adobe’s Experience Deploying Mobile Playbooks

Adobe, like many organizations, is completely moving away from printed materials and shifting to the virtual world.  This shift is appreciated by salespeople who are coming to expect interactive content that can be consumed on the devices they use every day.  The concept of a “vPlaybook” makes sense to busy sales professionals who are getting ready for customer conversations and looking for practical tools that provide: What to Know (before the meeting), What to Say (during the conversation), and What to Show (to support the dialogue).

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Video Transcript

The vPlaybook is a great way to to leverage what we have previously a static content, and it's more appealing to them. They want to learn that content; they want to see it; it's more intuitive in the way that they use it.

Now, having the information literally my fingertips it's easier to use and structure those those presentations in a more effective manner.

It’s a fun way to actually talk about the opportunity that we're about to present. Everyone's enjoyed doing it, I think,  and it's also an easier way to pick up the the training as it has been previously with a classroom approach.

What I noticed in this one is they really delved into the content; they really absorbed it and read the content. And I think that was a massive change what I've seen another trainings.

I think it's the first time I see such a rich content in a single training. We have all about market, about our positioning, we have examples. So for me it is a very very good way after train the teams. The content is definitely one of the best I've seen in Adobe.

Well the great thing about a vPlaybook is that it is brilliantly portable. You can take it with you anywhere. It's very quick to access. There's no startup issues. Very good to show people what we're doing using modern technology.

With the iPad and with the vPlaybook they will return to it. I saw them playing with it, reading it. I never saw someone after session playing with the PDF and reading it. All right, it was a very different thing.

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