Sales Change Management Approach and Insight

Gilbane needed to transform operational people into “Doer-Sellers.” The transformation included process, messaging, and leadership sales playbooks. DSG brought value and insight to Gilbane's sales culture transformation by being process driven, acting as an extension of the client organization, and being disciplined.  

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Video Transcript

I felt very strongly there would have to be buy in across-the-board and buy in from the top level of management to drive this program forward.  If top management did not buy into it, and the leadership did not profess an acceptance of this program, it was not going to be part of our culture going forward.

On the one hand, we're outsiders, who understand what best practice looks like. On the other hand, we operate as insiders who know their culture, who have adopted their language, who have built relationships of trust and as a result, can really architect the change that they are looking to achieve.

And so, DSG's focus on sales change management, building playbooks, developing very customized content and tools and customized training really fit the reality of what Gilbane needed to drive a lasting sales transformation that would move the company from an operations focus to a true sales culture.

And so, the overall approach has been to engage in a cycle of discovery, so as we define the problems and align with the executive team, we chose selected best practice people from within their various regions and business units, drew them together in some collaborative workshops to create content.

There was a doer-seller process playbook.  There was a messaging playbook on how to network, which was a significant opportunity for Gilbane.  We also built a leadership guide, a leadership playbook focused on how managers coached to the process and coached to the messaging.

The change process really took place as DSG engaged with their team managers monthly in coaching and reinforcement and ongoing training and supporting the managers in driving the change that was required.

We were very intrigued when we selected DSG, that the majority of their work was done outside the construction industry.  We wanted a fresh approach.  We wanted an entity that had worked for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies that were outside of our industry.

DSG's value and insight in working with Gilbane for over three years now is really one of a cross industry insight into selling best practices. That's why we were chosen. That's why they continue to engage us, because we bring a broad perspective.

The value and the insight, I would say three key things: Number one, it's process oriented and process driven. Number two, it's interactive where DSG really became an extension of our organization.  I think DSG is part of our culture and they're viewed as an extension of myself and the Gilbane Organization. Number three, discipline in the process.  That you have to have discipline in order for any transformation to be effective.  

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