Insight-Based Selling at Ingersoll Rand

A division of Ingersoll Rand was making the shift from selling products to selling services and solutions through insight based conversations with prospects and customers.

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Video Transcript

The reason we went about this overall project is really business transformation. Literally transforming from a product selling type of company, and skillset in the field, to more of a services and solutions insight selling skillset in the field. And this gave us an opportunity to bring a lot of disparate offering groups and leaders together on our team, into one common approach and really get consistent about our messaging.

So one of the great elements of the solution is the whiteboard approach and uh, we've had an incredible experience with whiteboarding. Not only is it an incredible internal, what I call, training tool, where an account manager is able to quickly learn a new message but pair that with something that's visual, and essentially a day and a half later, in the two-day workshop, they're able to replay that message pretty much verbatim.

vPlaybook's been a great tool for, based on field feedback, so us as a leadership team, based on field feedback, we can quickly add some pieces, upload them to the vPlaybook and they're in front of the field as needed. So we're able to react to, you know, they're experiences and needs in pretty much real time.

DSG's also been a great project leader. If you think about all that's going on in your work environment, it's good to have a partner that can actually run it for you, and kinda keep you on track. So that's been very valuable. Another piece, and for me, one of the best parts of working with DSG, is they get the customer. We did some voice of customer interviews, and they facilitated those discussions in a very customer centric way, so they get the end game here. I think that's important when you're working with a consultant on something as important as the types of discussions you as a company are advocating having with your important customers.

Behavioral change wise, the big shift for us has been from what I call more pain-funnel selling, traditional solution selling, to insight, leading with ideas, provocation value based selling. So instead of the account managers showing up, blank sheet of paper, asking a lot of questions, which we all know has been overused and annoys a lot of customers, we're leading with value added perspective about their business and using that to ask the right questions, and facilitate better, more productive discovery

In terms of financial performance, coming out of the two-day workshop where we had 50 people, roughly 35 of those actually selling account managers, we saw 10 million dollars of worth of wins in six months. And that was a culmination of 13 opportunities. Two of those were three million dollars apiece. The other 11, were roughly 340,000 dollars on average. Pipeline was roughly 20 million dollars and trending up with the activity that I mentioned prior. And the average pipeline for the individual that attended was about 540 thousand dollars. So, you know, impressive, new, organic business development, which is really what we're after here.

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