Insight Talk Tracks

The educated, risk-averse buyer is the “new normal” for most sales people. Customers are doing their own research and may not engage a sales person until late in the buying process. Creating conversational insights and a distinct point-of-view can help your sales team influence the buying process in spite of the shift in power to the educated customer.

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Video Transcript

You need a differentiated point of view. As your sales team is leading conversations with customers and prospects, how do they engage them through insights? A fresh perspective on the market, their challenges, their opportunities, and how do we equip them to deliver that differentiated point of view?

What we've found is that reps need a talk track. Picture yourself. You're in Chicago, you're at Union Station. There's lots of different tracks that you could go out on and you're looking for that right track to get you to the right destination. As we think about insight talk tracks, what does that customer want to learn more about? What are they telling you, "OK, I'd like to take a meeting to learn more about that big idea," and for us, that's an inside talk track. Our playbook creators love to debate, research, and come up with those insight talk tracks that'll make your reps compelling and successful in their customer conversation.

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