Korn-Ferry’s Big Idea for Growth

Korn Ferry's "big idea" is to become a diversified talent management company by clearly connecting the client’s business strategy to their talent strategy. Rather than applying a generic framework and forcing Korn Ferry into a pre-determined outcome, DSG created messaging content and tools that fit seamlessly into the Korn Ferry world. 

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Video Transcript

Success for Korn Ferry 60 months from now really comes down to one thing, and that is can be build on the great heritage we have in executive search and build ourselves as truly trusted advisors around this notion of talent and leadership for our clients. We don't want to abandon where we came from in executive recruitment. In fact, we just want to evolve from that. We really understand leadership and the dynamics of talent and what grade A talent can bring to an organization versus B- or C-level talent.

For us, I think that DSG has really put us on a path to explore that and drive our own destiny. As far as I look out and can see the future, we've got to continue to build on this program. We have internal champions. We're celebrating our successes. We're keeping the leaders accountable to continue to drive the program, but we're also not afraid I think to customize it and to learn from what's happening on the ground and change things on the fly to really accommodate our people and the model. I'm excited. Korn Ferry is a wonderful brand. DSG's been a great partner, and I think we're on the right path, so I'm excited.

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