Korn-Ferry’s Partnership with DSG

Korn Ferry valued that DSG's approach to sales consulting does not prescribe how to do business. DSG took time to get to know who the client is and where the client was trying to go, then built a sales transformation program based on that.   

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Video Transcript

I was really impressed by not only the way that DSG operates, but how they really got under the knitting of Korn Ferry. Not only what do we bring to clients, but who are we as a culture and as an organization. The lead that DSG put on the case is a wonderful consultant. He knows as much about our business now, I think, as any of our consultants.

One of the things I like the most about the DSG approach is that they don't prescribe how you should do your business. They were very patient and flexible in helping us to complete a program or prepare a program that ultimately would work for Korn Ferry International. That was the linchpin for success I think. It was really not just coming in and mailing in the same old approach to any kind of consultative engagement, but really taking the time to get to know who we were and where we were trying to go, and then building a program that was really fashioned around that.  

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