Marketing and Sales Alignment Through Sales Playbooks

The disconnect between marketing strategy and day-to-day sales conversations is all too common. And frustrating! Many companies invest heavily in their CRM, LMS or a new methodology, but the problem still persists. Alignment happens when sales, marketing, and product teams come together to create sales friendly playbooks focused on the sales conversation.

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Video Transcript 

Here's a common question that we get asked. How do we bridge the divide? The divide that I'm talking about is the one that exist between marketing over here and sales over here. On the marketing side, you have strategy, and upstream marketing, and positioning, and campaigns to create demand. On the sales side, you have lots and lots of sales conversations every day that need to be meaningful and compelling, and that move the business forward. What we see on the marketing side it's just the frustration that sales is inconsistent in what they're saying to customers, and overall lack of alignment with strategy. Over here on the sales side, what we see is sales people and partners that are hungry for just in time content that will help them get smarter for the next sales conversation.

Let's look at how organizations try to bridge this divide. One approach is to invest in their CRM System and add a new functionality, others will reimagine their portal, someone invest heavily in their learning management system, we will see organizations invest in methodologies like; Challenger or Power Messaging, and the sales people still aren't using what's being created and they're doing their own thing.

Here's a game changer, the concept with playbook, a sales messaging playbook more specifically that can help bridge this divide, a digital sales conversation guide that give salespeople the what to know, the what to say, and the what to show as they get ready for their next sales conversation. The alignment happens when sales, marketing, and product teams create the playbook together.

With marketing over here providing the strategy in the positioning and the research. With product teams providing the specific capabilities and over on the sales side we have sales people providing here's what's working in the real world. Here's what resonate with the customers that we talk to everyday.

If you like to learn more we'd love to have a web meeting with you and share how others are taking a playbook approach to bridging the divide and giving you some insights that will help you on your journey. Good luck.

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