Maximizing the Impact of CRM

How can you maximize the value of your CRM? Use these five CRM tips to take your sales execution to the next level.

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Video Transcript

I had a B2B client that recently rolled out CRM focused on what they needed to know about accounts and opportunities, and the sales team hated it. Here are five tips for maximizing the impact of your CRM.

First, don't forget the “how.” A lot of times we're focused on the “what,” but the how is the strategies and tactics that the rep is planning to take to further grow an account or move that opportunity forward. Things like, "How are they going to turn a non-supporter into a supporter?" Or "How are they going to leverage their partner to help them differentiate themselves in that selling cycle?"

The next thing to keep in mind is to not ask for everything in CRM. We do want details around the “what” and the “how” strategies, but we want to focus on the essentials. We don't want to turn this into an exercise of documentation, or that will further frustrate the sales team.

Another big idea is to inspect what you expect. Many of my clients will have a new sales play or go-to-market strategy. So, look for an opportunity to incorporate that into CRM. Update your CRM configurations so that you can make sure that’s guiding the rep’s selling behaviors. And it’s also providing you visibility for where this is happening in the field.  

Another best practice that we find is to align your messaging to the selling process. Many times we'll think of CRM as just being for process execution. But our leading clients are beginning to align messaging content and assets and customer facing videos to the various conversations and interactions that the team's going to have throughout that selling cycle.

Finally, don't forget the coaches, your first line managers. Does your CRM have the right views, dashboards and reports that really guide them in terms of where they need to spend their time coaching across the team? As well as which accounts and which opportunities to focus on.

So by focusing on these five elements you'll find that your sales team will actually use CRM appropriately, and you'll see your sales execution taken to the next level.

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