Mobile Sales Enablement

Your reps are mobile. So equip them for a mobile world. Enterprises are investing in mobile strategy. The next evolution in just-in-time productivity tools is a mobile sales playbook.

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Video Transcript

Seventy-one percent of enterprises say that mobile is a top priority for them, and so why is that? I want you to picture one of your sales reps, and as you're thinking about that sales rep where are they? Are they working at their desk? My guess is they’re mobile. So, they're on their way to a customer conversation, or they're at a coffee shop preparing, or maybe they’re an airport lounge, but the reality is that our reps are mobile and we need to equip them for a mobile world.

Enterprises are investing in their mobile strategy. So you're creating assets, and we've seen an emphasis in two categories. The first category we call productivity, and so for those productivity tools you're finding access to your CRM system, access to pricing calculators and configurator; you're seeing access to expense reimbursement tools all of those are being made available as productivity tools for the mobile world. The second category we see is taking your your brochures, your presentations, and making those available for a mobile world.

And so the productivity tools, the presentation tools, those are really helpful. So the next evolution we see is mobile sales playbooks. And so a playbook is all of the content, the tools, the training, everything a sales rep needs to be prepared and successful in their next customer conversation.

We find the first step is to create a playbook structure, and create that playbook structure around customer conversations. So think of those industries that you're selling into, the solutions that you offer, those audiences that you need to engage with, and think through the customer buying process. And so as you want to engage customers earlier they're buying process how do you provide content and insights and stories that are relevant to those customer conversations? If it's more of a strategy discussion, how do we inform the way that our team is selling? Or late stage solution recommendations?

But the first step is to create an inventory of all the content that's needed across the customer's buying process. The second step that we see is make sure that its “sales ready.” And we've all seen content that looks like it's taken straight from Wikipedia, or it's right out of a brochure. And we don't want our reps to be a talking brochure. We want to speak in the language of customers. And so think about how can we make this content consumable ready for a busy salesperson. We find video is a great way to do that. They’ll consume video, watch video. And lastly, how do we make these tools available? How do we make this playbook available on any device anywhere? So, no matter where you are in between meetings coffee shop you always have access to the latest greatest content from across the team.

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