Playbook Mapping

Many organizations need an objective 3rd party assessment of existing sales messaging content and tools. Along with the plan for enabling sales by filling content gaps, creating playbooks, and driving utilization.

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Video Transcript

So if you’re a Product or Marketing leader, or someone who runs Sales Operations or Sales Enablement, and you've made the decision we're going to go on the playbook journey, and you're saying to yourself where do we start? We have so much content, so many tools, so much collateral. How do we go from all of that to these tight sales friendly playbooks?

We found it's helpful to start with the concept of a blueprint for all of the playbooks that are required for your sales team in given selling scenarios. Think about a blueprint as a spectrum of comprehensive content on one end of the spectrum to at-a-glance very narrowly focused content and playbooks on the other end. So comprehensive content would be an enterprise story, specific plays around a solution, an audience, and industry vertical. Competitive messaging where it's a discrete competitor or a category of competitors that need talk tracks and how to engage all the way to specific products and offerings that are much more narrowly defined messaging playbooks. We help clients audit what they have, build out the blueprint, decide what content and tools to build by quarter, how to package it, how to roll it out, and train the sales team and how to sustain it and keep it fresh over time.

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