Sales Coaching Playbooks

A sales coaching system defines priorities to get the most from your sales team. A sales coaching playbook can provide a cadence of meetings, coaching guides with open ended sales questions, and planning templates. Critical to making change stick is the certification of new behaviors with the sales leaders, ongoing coaching, and metrics. 
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Video Transcript

The sales coaching system defines the priorities to most effectively use your team to get the most from your sales team. Practically what that works out to is a sales coaching playbook that includes the cadence of interaction that you want to have with each one of your reps. It includes, for each one of those interactions, a coaching guide so that you're asking those open-ended questions that get the sales rep to think and to begin to know how to do their jobs, and then lastly planning templates at a territory level and at an account level and at an opportunity level to really be able to  think through each one of those situations to get the maximum results.

The critical success factor in any sales coaching system is the implementation. Implementation involves two things, first is the launch. The launch that is senior sales executive sponsored and it involves role play exercises of the key sales coaching behaviors that we're looking for. But critical to making it stick is the certification of those behaviors with the sales leaders and also the coaching of the sales leaders on an ongoing basis. That tied to the metrics is what gives you the sales culture changes that you're looking for.


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