Sales Coaching X Factor

Sales managers are busier and more distracted than ever…often at the expense of their sales team. There’s a key component often missed: effective coaching.

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Video Transcript

Sales managers are busier and more distracted than ever, oftentimes at the expense of developing their sales team. The day in the life of the sales manager is truly, in many cases, out of control. They're being hit from every different angle and being pressured to really drive the numbers that they need to drive. They have planning. They have forecasting. They're working on opportunities. They're trying to deal with the customer.

The reality is, there is one key component that leaders often miss, and we refer to it as the X factor. The X factor in this case is all about effective coaching. Sales managers need to dedicate that time on a regular basis with their personnel to have those one-on-one conversations to keep each of their salespeople on track. And in the end, that's a multiplier on their ability to deliver the results.

What's worked best for our clients is when they develop a cadence of coaching for their sales leaders, so the leaders understand what the expectations are for them in coaching their teams and then developing the tools and the guides to ensure that they're successful at getting it done. Think about the coaching that is occurring in your organization, and are you truly taking advantage of the coaching X factor?


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