Sales Conversation Talk Tracks

Marketing and Sales need to work together to equip the sales team with talk tracks that anticipate these questions your prospect's company is dealing with - Why change? Why now? Why us?

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Video Transcript

Inside selling is all about customer talk tracks. And when I say 'customer talk track', it's the topics, the issues that the customer's willing to take a meeting around. And so, that could be a trend, it could be a pressure in this business that they're facing.

And so, what we need to do is equip the sales team to anticipate the questions that that customer is asking for their business, and we find these are deceptively simple questions that we need to answer.

The first is, "Why change?" So, "Why do we need to do something different in our business? How is the current state causing pressure for the company?"

And once we answer that 'why change?', then it's all about 'why now?'. So, "Why do we need to do something different this year, this month, maybe even this week?"

And so, once you have that urgency for change, you're prepared to answer the question, "Why us?" So, "Why are we the right partner to drive results and outcomes across the customer's business?"

And so, Marketing needs to work with Sales to anticipate those talk tracks and build out messaging that supports, 'why change?', 'why now?', 'why us?'.


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