Sales Enablement Videos

Don’t let boring, scripted sales education videos bore your sales team to death. Compelling animated videos and role plays will create higher levels of engagement with sales as well as make your content sticky.

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Video Transcript 

So, we all consume video. You’re watching video right now.  It's how we learn. It's how we find out new things. We're always on YouTube and other sites getting videos on how to grow something, do something, teach your kids something. Video is central to our lives.

Unfortunately, and we've seen so much across our clients, a lot of the sales education videos that are given to salespeople are super boring. They’re executives and salespeople talking to a camera reading a script and no one wants to watch it, and it's too long, and you can't stick with it. We can help you reinvent your sales education videos.

So picture the video you're watching right now. I'm one of your top salespeople. He's sharing the stories you want all of your salespeople to be telling your customers, and it's animated, and it's interesting and it's fun, and it's memorable. These kinds of videos we can produce very efficiently. So whether it's at a workshop that we come to, we're at headquarters, we come to a training event, or some other meeting that you already have somewhere in the world. We’re there on site capturing your thought leaders, your top sales leader for 15 to 20 minutes at a time max.

We leave that video capture and we're able to go with the magic of production, and edit, and animate it, and bring it to life. So that as it gets redistributed out through your playbooks, your portals, your intranets, your training events,  you've got the kind of video that salespeople will want to watch. Whether it's roleplay videos, animated videos like this one, voiceover animation, there's a whole host of videos that we can help you produce.


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