Achieving Sales Excellence

SITA implemented a “Sales Excellence Program” focused on enabling the global sales team to lead business conversations based on customer priorities by industry vertical. The “Sales Excellence Program” consisted of 11 video-based playbooks by product and industry, multiple rounds of in-person experiential sales training, and comprehensive reinforcement through coaching and accreditation. The business outcomes have included higher new business contribution by sales rep, higher total contract values, and growth in new forecasted pipeline.

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Video Transcript

The focus of this program has been to develop the sales messaging tools that really address the business needs of our key vertical markets meaning the airlines, the airports and the governments. Over the course of the last four years we have trained over 700 colleagues in SITA.

In total, there's about 11 playbooks available for the SITA folks to get prepared. Playbooks that focus around airline operation, airport operations, government operations, all the way to what are the sales process. What do we do from a sales leadership and sales management perspective. All the way to the point on how do I tell the story about the SITA uniqueness and the value proposition of being a customer of SITA.

What is a huge benefit from this after people start to prepare for their client meeting is that they realize that first of all, they need to engage early in the process. This is the moment where the customer realize they have an issue in their operation that needs to be solved using IT. You don't want to get involved once procurement has started to down select and who can get this application for the lowest price. You want to be there right when the problem pops up with the customer and they think, "How can we solve this?" That's where you need to engage with your client. So engage early. Secondly, engage high. Talk to the CIO. Talk to the CXO to make sure you talk business here. Don't talk about how we can provide infrastructure or an application. But how can SITA help to solve, fix, a business problem of an airline, an airport, or a government when it comes to security

What really made the difference in sustaining is that DSG helped us after the classroom training to focus on conference calls and coaching after that, as part of the sustaining phase. All the way for people to put in practice what they learned in the classroom during a live customer engagement. That then was concluded with the certification effort where people certified for that specific module. So a very, high-impactful training that really changed and transformed our sales force.

Over the course of the program there's been noticeable behavioral changes, the first one being that more 50 percent of the sales reps have been able to multiply by four the average new business contribution to the organization. Secondly, all the sales reps who have been certified on sales excellence together closed a total contract of value of 670 million dollars in new business. As well as generated a new forecasted pipeline of 475 million dollars.

What I'm proud about, when you go to these training sessions and you see them live and you see people actually using the playbook, actually being challenged and over the two and a half, three days of the program, they're improving. They're improving because they're benefiting from the actual training itself. That's the most rewarding part. Seeing their growth, seeing that we've actually had an impact on them individually.

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