A Sales Playbook Enables Whiteboard Selling

Power Point is dead, but leading an interactive whiteboard conversation can be daunting for many sales reps. A playbook approach can take the mystery out of whiteboarding by giving sales reps a flexible step-by-step roadmap.

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Video Transcript

Powerpoint is dead. Now we hear that all the time, and the reality is professional presentations are probably not going away, but in a lot of settings they just don't work now. They're boring. They don't connect. They don't lead to a dialogue. But what are the alternatives?

One alternative that's gained a lot of momentum in recent years is whiteboarding - solving problems with a picture, using a model to leave the dialog, and it works. Whether you're an outside salesperson, you're going to be there in person with a customer, or you're an inside sales person doing a whiteboard over the web.

For most salespeople whiteboarding is a foreign concept. They've never done it before. For many of them they've never seen it done well, and it makes them nervous. It makes them scared of how would I get up there in front of a customer and not have slides? Not have a presentation, something I've memorized, and lead this interactive whiteboard conversation?

So where do you start? We see many Product and Marketing organizations start with the content. They create a myriad of whiteboards, and never slow down to think through what's the best way to package the whiteboard so they're absorbable to the field? How do we deliver the content in a way that sales will be able to master it? How do we a drive adoption the field so that salespeople are actually using it everyday to lead customer conversations?

Sometimes it's helpful to start with the end in mind, and the end state is salespeople that when they go into that whiteboard conversation, they know exactly what to draw, and they know what to say, and they know what to ask, and they know how to make the transitions, and they know how to pivot during the conversation and make it interactive.

One concept that's helpful is the concept of a playbook, a digital sales conversation guide for the whiteboard. A playbook can take the mystery out of whiteboarding for a salesperson. A salesperson who's never done it before, and they're a little bit nervous, or a little bit scared, and turning that whiteboard into a storyboard that gives them the step-by-step. Here's how you're going to lead that conversation. Here's what you're going to say at each step. Here's what you're going to draw. Here's what you're going to ask. And make it very repeatable, and give them that flexible roadmap.

We have created literally hundreds of whiteboards and associated tools for our clients. We'd be happy to share examples of playbooks and whiteboards for inside salespeople and whiteboards for outside sales people, and give you some fresh insights for your journey.

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