vPlaybook Implementation Success at RES Software

Learn how RES utilizes vPlaybook to create broad alignment on sales strategy and messaging and rapidly onboard new salespeople and partners.

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Video Transcript

vPlaybook has been startling in terms of its overall adoption and success by our sellers and by our partners. We have a very strategic message that we need to share through the whiteboard and through the vPlaybook. We are now able to share that much more effectively than ever before. So, it's really given us a roadmap to have successful compelling and powerful sales conversations with our customers and prospects

Before we introduced the playbook to our organization, we really saw that sales content was all over the place. So the new reality with vPlaybook is that our people can easily access the content anytime they want. It's in a centralized place. It's available for multiple devices. And really when they want to go to a sales meeting and they need to find some latest snippets of information on what they are going to discuss in that meeting is easy searchable and findable for them.

So we started out with a core messaging vPlaybook, and then we were able to expand it on our own, adding competitive intelligence insights around selling the ecosystem, sales processes. So this was something that we were able to grow. It’s really an onboarding tool. So as new sales leaders, individual regional managers, partner managers, and other marketing professionals come, they can go into vPlaybook and immediately start learning about how we sell and what are our prospects we should be going after.

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