Sales Playbooks for Leading with Insight

Would a customer be willing to pay for a meeting with your sales reps? It comes down to the difference between information and insight. Sales reps need to offer tailored insight that connects with the customer on an emotional level, catalyses action, and most importantly, leads to your unique differentiator.

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Video Transcript

Would your customers be willing to pay for a meeting with your sales people? Customers have access to information about your solution wherever and whenever they choose. So much so, that they are pushing vendor engagement much later in the purchase process. In fact, recent research show, they're pushing vendor engagement to 57% of the way, on average, through the purchase process.

That's after requirements have been established, suppliers have been vetted. There are fewer vendors, and it really comes down to price. So why would a customer be willing to pay for a meeting with your sales reps? Well it comes down between information and insight.

What customers really want is insight, because they can get all the information they need, but they need to be able to access tailored insight that really educates them about new opportunities, and reframes their thinking about their business. Not just any insight has the power to overcome this purchasing dynamic. It has to connect with the customers on an emotional level. It has to really catalyze action. It has to, most importantly lead to your unique differentiator. Something that you either do better than anyone else, or truly uniquely.

An example of this is a client that we worked with that was targeting the healthcare space. The telecom company, and having a difficult time differentiating their services which are misconstrued to be a commodity, and really get out of the price conversation. The way they did this, was they found insight around the impact of data security breaches on healthcare organizations who have to pay huge fines when they experience staged security breaches.

An average fine is 2.4 million dollars. What this client was able to do, is bring insight to really change the conversation with the customer. To show that not only could they reduce their cost on telecommunication services, but that they could dramatically reduce costs around data security breaches by bring us a much more secure network solution to the client.

Some reps naturally lead with insight, there's others that may need some guidance to really use this modality of selling. Insight playbooks can really help lead reps down that path toward insight selling. They can also serve as a great foundation for a common knowledge base, as well as the messaging and specific insights that companies want to deliver to customers. Selling with insight just might make customers willing to pay for a meeting with a sales rep.

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