Sales Strategy Alignment

How do you implement a new growth strategy? There are critical decisions in sales strategy, and a strategy implementation partner can help you bring alignment across the team, build new tools, train, coach, and reinforce your growth strategy.  

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Video Transcript

Companies that are seeking to implement a new growth strategy often make some mistakes. One is that they fail to differentiate between business strategy, marketing strategy, and sales strategy.

Sales strategy is based on the questions that salespeople ask. They want know: Who do you want me to sell to? What do you want me to sell? And what will be our value proposition and differentiation?

So there are some critical decisions in sales strategy. One is landing new accounts. A second is expanding existing accounts. A third one is entering new markets with engagement on new companies.

What does it require to do that? It requires a strategy implementation partner. One who can help you bring alignment across the executive team, across functional and business units, and more importantly, across regional sales units.

From that alignment, you want to begin to build playbooks. Playbooks that are sales ready and that encompass best practices, processes, and new tools.

And finally, you're going to need to implement over an extended period of time: training, coaching and reinforcement that may take 18 to 24 months, in order to achieve substantial change, and success in implementing your growth strategy.


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