Sales Transformation Assessment

Build a well-thought-out sales transformation roadmap next time you plan a change in growth strategy. An objective third party can lead an assessment process to get your leadership team aligned on a sales transformation plan. DSG starts with a gap analysis against five areas: sales strategy, messaging, process, leadership, and sales development.  

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Video Transcript

Don't fall into the trap of creating this incredible growth strategy for next year and not create the sales transformation plan for how you're going to enable your sales team and how you're going to manage that change.

An objective third party, like DSG, can lead an assessment process to get the leadership team aligned on the plan and it starts with a gap analysis. A gap analysis against 5 areas. The 5 areas in our model are sales strategy, messaging, process, leadership, and sales development.

In just a few weeks of discovery,  some interviews, documentation review, we can create a readout, a report that can be the starting point for a workshop with the right stakeholders from marketing, product, and sales to begin to make decisions. So just imagine, you do an assessment and you end up with a list of 20 things you could do. The importance is to say what are the 3 that matter the most, what are the most important gaps to fill. What's the sequencing over the next year or two of what you do the first quarter, the second quarter, and the third quarter. And then documenting the requirements for managing the change and what we communicate to the organization and what we're going to measure.

And so in closing, the concept here is take the 30 to 45 days to build a well-thought-out transformation plan the next time that you're about to implement a change in your growth strategy.

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