Selling in a Virtual World

Face-to-face sales meetings aren't going away, but they are trending down, and virtual selling is trending up. By sharing insight, asking probing discovery questions, and navigating a conversation based on where the customer wants to go next, a well-trained inside salesperson can lead an interactive, virtual conversation with your customer that's just as effective. 

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Video Transcript

Here’s the unfortunate reality for many companies, and maybe yours too. You're spending way too much time and money sending salespeople to meet with customers in person. But is that absolutely necessary? The answer is no. Face-to-face selling is not going away, but it is trending down. And remote selling, or inside selling, or selling in a virtual world,  is trending up. Just do a Google search, and you're going to find all kinds of data on this shift to selling in a virtual world.

Let's make this a little bit more real. Let's look at Salesforce.com. In his book, Behind the Cloud, Marc Benioff, Salesforce’s CEO, describes how of course Salesforce has an outside sales organization but so much of their innovative sales approach happens through their inside sales team. And that inside sales team is what's driving such tremendous growth with that sales force. But what makes this possible is web meetings - using GoToMeeting using, WebEx, any other tool to lead an interactive virtual conversation with your customer. And that changes everything.

What we find is that the experienced salesperson, or the well-trained inside sales person, can be

equipped to lead a compelling web meeting that accomplishes what we all know is required - you're sharing insight, you're asking good probing discovery questions, you're bring fresh ideas, you're navigating through the conversation based on where the customer wants to go next, and that accelerates sales cycles.

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