The Divide Between Sales & Marketing

We’ve found that there is often a sizable divide between sales and marketing teams. Marketing teams focus on strategy, positioning, and creating demand. They can get frustrated by the Sales team’s lack of alignment with those initiatives and with the inconsistency of messages delivered in customer conversations. Marketing needs their strategies to be implemented. Sales needs to have compelling conversations and needs the right training to help them do that.

Bridging the Divide

Crafting and deploying a sales messaging playbook is one strategy for achieving alignment between Sales and Marketing. A sales playbook is a digital conversation guide that provides salespeople with the framework and content they need as to prepare for customer conversations. A sales playbook should take the best ideas your organization has and teach your salespeople What to Know, What to Say, and What to Show to customers to deliver increasingly effective messages. 

The divide can look like a lot of finger pointing. Sales, marketing, and product teams believe they are delivering, but the reality is that they are not on the same page and haven’t agreed on a common approach on how we go to market in an integrated way. I think that kind of misalignment is not uncommon, and it certainly isn’t healthy for a business.

Achieving the Alignment

Alignment occurs when Sales, Marketing, and Product teams work together to compose the sales playbook. Your Marketing team can offer the strategy and positioning. Your Product team can lead the discussion about the capabilities of your products and solutions, and your Sales team can speak to what resonates with customers in the real world.

The playbook is a great way to leverage what we previously provided as static content. And it is more appealing to our team in this format. Our salespeople want this type of interactive content because it’s more intuitive.

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