Sales Transformation at HSA Bank

Instead of choosing a packaged sales methodology, HSA Bank chose to work with DSG on customized solutions for sales transformation. DSG worked with HSA Bank on a playbook approach to a new selling system.

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Video Transcript

So, we realized several years ago that even though we had been successful in building a business that was growing in double digit numbers, to make that success indoctrinated and, built into the fabric or core of HSA bank, we needed to be deliberate about that execution and sales enablement.

DSG worked with us to understand our business, to understand what made us successful, to understand our culture and where we were starting from. The second thing that made DSG, uh, and us so successful together were the materials. The playbook was outstanding, uh, it was very comprehensive. Again, we make contributions to the playbook so DSG incorporated all of the input that we had into a living document that's consistently curated, kept up to date and, often times added to with new and current information.

The results that we've seen, you know, 40% pipeline growth. We've seen the team close deals, and more importantly identify deals that we may never have known about because of actions they've taken and the confidence they've had in the messaging and how to approach a prospect and get excitement and opportunities identified and in the pipeline.

DSG has been a great partner for us, and I think the, the key is, is that, um, you know, sales methodology is ... you can, you can talk to a lot of different firms and, and get a packaged sales methodology, but what we've really enjoyed is the fact that we've been able to customize our solutions to the, you know, who we are and where we are. And I think that's been a key difference. And I think that's' been part of what's made us successful.

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