Three Types of Sales Playbooks

Taking a broader view of sales playbooks can have a real impact on sales understanding of your growth strategy and implementation. Explore sales playbooks organized in three areas: sales messaging, sales process, and sales leadership.

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Video Transcript

Unfortunately, for a lot of B2B companies their view of what a playbook is is too limited. It's just a collection of content and selling motions that they give sales people to equip them to do their job. There's a broader view of playbooks that can have a real impact on sales understanding of your growth strategy and how they're gonna actually implement it. And the broader view is organized around 3 types of playbooks. The first is sales messaging, the second is process, and the third is sales leadership.

Let's talk about messaging first. Messaging is all about “what to say.” I'm a sales person how do I tell the story, what are my talk tracks, what are the questions I ask, what are the stories that I tell  how do I handle the tough objections and questions I get from the customer? What do I show in the meeting? That's the visual that creates the connection.

The process playbook is “what do I do?” It's the steps that I follow. What is best practice? What are the roles and responsibilities of the whole selling team? How does it relate to the CRM system? How does it connect to the messaging? But it's what do I do and how do I do my job?

Finally, it's sales leadership. I'm a first or second-line manager, “how do I coach?” How do I coach to the message? How do I coach to the process? What are the most important coaching conversations, the questions I ask, how I assess my team and identify gaps? That's sales leadership.

So if you take a step back the next time that you're making changes in how you enable sales or you're launching your next growth strategy, explore the concept of 3 types of playbooks to enable sales implementation of your strategy.

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